Dental Restoration for Cavities

Dental Restorations Falls Church, VA

If you have a cavity, you might need a dental restoration to fix the issue. The dentist needs to get rid of the decayed area and place a filling. Setting a cavity as soon as possible prevents the problem from worsening. That way, the patient will not have a more significant issue later on. Keep reading to learn more.

Filling a tooth with a dental restoration

The dentist will first use anesthesia to numb the gums and other tissues around the affected tooth. Then the dentist can use a laser or drill to remove decayed portions. After that, the dentist will double-check to see if the decay is all gone. Then the dentist can clean out debris and bacteria to better prepare the area for a filling. If there is any decay near the patient’s root, the dentist might need to use composite resin to protect that nerve. Afterward, the dentist can polish and finish it.

Understanding the dental restoration options

There is a range of dental restoration options for cavities today. For instance, patients might choose from porcelain, gold, or silver. Plus, some might have glass in them. The cost, the extent of the decay, and insurance might help patients decide on the right option. The dentist can go over the benefits and drawbacks of each with the patient.

Getting a gold filling

One of the advantages of gold is that it is so durable and will not rust. Plus, it is relatively healthy and will do well on a tooth that takes a lot of pressure. Some patients also like the look better than with silver fillings. However, the material costs more than other types, and it requires a couple of office visits for placement.

Some patients might not like the material’s appearance and want the filling to match the tooth’s color. In rare cases, the gold can react with a silver filling and saliva. That causes a galvanic shock, which is an electric current. It can be painful.

About amalgam fillings

There are a few advantages of getting silver fillings. For instance, the material is often quite strong, meaning it can withstand the force of chewing. Plus, it is durable enough to last a decade or longer. It usually lasts longer than composite ones do. And some patients find the cost more affordable.

However, the color is not the same as the surrounding teeth. The filling can also cause the tooth to take on a gray color. That means the filling type might be better for the back teeth, which take more force and are not visible. The dentist can help the patient decide on the right kind.

Picking the right dentist for a dental restoration

If you have a cavity, you will need to have it filled as soon as possible. Since it is sometimes hard to tell if there is a small cavity, you should have regular dental visits. The dentist can examine your mouth to check for developing cavities. Then you can have them fixed before they become worse.

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