How Often Should I Have a Regular Professional Teeth Cleaning?

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Professional teeth cleaning is crucial for your oral health. A dentist can provide more detailed teeth cleaning. With the necessary skills and tools, your dentist can remove plaque and tartar that destroy your teeth. If you are wondering about the ideal number of teeth cleaning appointments you should keep, here are the details.

Straight from professional dentists

If a dentist tells a patient to come for professional teeth cleaning twice each year, there are reasons for the frequency. The most important one is that dental health is time-sensitive. Bacteria have a schedule, and they do not waste time. Even if patients have a healthy diet, plaque and dental calculus still build up on teeth even after cleaning. This always calls for constant teeth cleaning.

Minimizing dental problems is always the priority. While waiting for the next dental cleaning appointment, patients can perform daily oral care. Brushing twice daily and flossing before bed are standard practices. Reducing the consumption of acidic and sugary foods is another way to protect teeth and gums from deterioration.

Plaque formation is the primary cause of tooth decay. After eating or drinking, bacteria get sustenance and start to form plaque. In just a few hours, plaque begins its formation as a soft substance. If the patient brushes twice daily, plaque does not harden enough to stay on teeth. Brushing helps remove accumulating plaque. Flossing reinforces this.

If plaque continues to build, it hardens and becomes tartar. Brushing cannot remove tartar anymore. This hard substance stays on teeth and causes periodontitis. Regular personal oral care helps hinder the development of tartar. By the time the patient sees the dentist for teeth cleaning, any tartar buildup will be easy to remove.

Even if patients keep a strict oral care routine, plaque and tartar will still build up. Professional teeth cleaning makes sure that teeth are healthy. Dentists also provide fluoride protection after. Cleaning teeth helps dentists spot oral health issues like cancers, tooth decay, and periodontitis.

The process of regular teeth cleaning

Regular teeth cleaning is also known as prophylaxis. This routine dental cleaning is what dentists perform to protect teeth and gums from potential dental problems such as bone loss or periodontitis. This is usually the type of dental cleaning that dentists recommend twice a year. Prophylaxis is an important element in maintaining oral health.

At the start of the routine teeth cleaning, the dentist will perform an oral examination. This includes a visual exam with a small mirror. The dentist will also take some dental X-rays to confirm some signs of infection or impaction. If there are signs of oral injuries or small dental cracks, the dentist will inform the patient about them.

The dentist will start the teeth cleaning after the examination. Using a scaler, the dentist will scrape off plaque and tartar. Then, intense brushing with an electric toothbrush will follow. The dentist will also floss the patient’s teeth. After the flossing, the dentist will rinse the patient’s mouth and then apply some fluoride to the patient’s teeth.

Routine teeth cleaning can help maintain good oral health

You should always keep your dental appointments twice a year. This is when your dentist will reinforce your personal oral care with regular dental cleaning. Having a professional clean your teeth ensures that plaque and tartar do not stay on your teeth longer. This practice and daily oral care reduce your risk of developing cavities and periodontitis.

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