What to Know About Dental Fillings Made of Silver Amalgam

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Getting a dental filling could be the most effective way to relieve tooth pain and discomfort. This is a common treatment for cavities. Dentists can use a variety of materials when putting a filling in a tooth. Many patients prefer composite fillings because they are the same color as the tooth. This helps to ensure that the person maintains an attractive smile. There are other options, however, such as silver amalgam, that have other benefits.

What the dental filling does and why dentists use them

Tooth decay can occur due to the buildup of plaque. When a person eats sugary and starchy foods but fails to brush often, this sticky substance can accumulate. It attacks the tooth, creating holes in the enamel. Untreated, cavities can grow and may eventually cause tooth loss.

To stop cavities from spreading, the dentist must clean out the decay. The filling seals the tooth and prevents bacteria from getting inside and causing further damage. The filling can also build up the tooth when the decay has chipped or cracked it. Fillings will help to relieve pain and sensitivity.

Silver fillings are durable

Fillings are not a permanent solution but should last for several years. Some materials are more durable than others. A silver amalgam dental filling has a longer life span than some counterparts. While a composite resin filling will last seven to 10 years, silver fillings can work effectively for 15 years or more. With good care and maintenance, this filling should remain intact and keep the tooth healthy and strong.

Silver fillings restore the tooth’s ability to chew

Another benefit to having a silver dental filling is that it has a strong bite force. A damaged or decayed tooth makes it difficult to chew properly. With a silver filling, the patient can once again eat most foods. This includes hard and chewy foods such as dense bread and meat. With this filling, the patient should be able to chew more effectively than before.

Silver fillings are more cost-effective

Having restorative dental work can require a significant financial commitment. Insurance coverage should pay a portion for a dental filling since it is essential for the person’s oral health. Composite fillings will cost more out of pocket than silver fillings. People who are on a tight budget should be aware of this difference when choosing.

Resistant to cavities

In many cases, a silver dental filling will be more effective than other options at protecting against decay. People who are more prone to getting cavities should consider silver, despite the aesthetic drawbacks. This can be especially true when the patient has a cavity in a back molar. The dentist will help the patient weigh the pros and cons of this restorative treatment.

Do not rule out silver fillings

With composite fillings gaining popularity, many people do not consider looking at silver as an option. However, this choice is still a viable way to treat and protect against cavities. If your dentist has identified decay in a tooth, ask whether you are a good candidate for a silver dental filling. The benefits may outweigh the drawbacks.

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